Thursday, 21 January 2010

Blog for Choice Day 2010

'Blog for Choice Day 2010' is Friday, the 22nd of January. Since I'm going to be away from my computer tomorrow, I'm posting my answer to the question posed by NARAL Pro-Choice America today.

I have always believed that the decision to continue with a pregnancy or not should always be that of the woman's, she is the person who it will most affect and therefore she is the one with the most important opinion in the matter, no one else.

This year's Blog for Choice question is;
What does Trust Women mean to you?

To me, the words Trust Women conjures up a very clear concept in my mind, that we, as a whole society, need to learn to accept women as conscious and intelligent human beings, who are capable of considering the financial, social and emotional implications of terminating a pregnancy or carrying it to term, and as a result are able to make the right decisions that are best for them.

If you'd like to visit the NARAL Pro-Choice America website or be involved in Blog for Choice, please follow this link;

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  1. "Trust Women" means to accept women as independent, autonomous, self reliant human beings. To trust women's decisions, needs, goals, dreams...etc. Not trusting women means to dominate women and to control them out of fear that they will do something one does not like. poorly worded. Tom Vitale "not a man".