Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Guiding Girls into the future

So, in a previous post, I've mentioned my involvement in the Girl Guides Association, and also briefly mentioned how I feel the Girl Guides had benefited me personally as a Leader and a person, and how I think it will be a useful experience for another generation of girls as they begin to grow into young women. Which is why when this article was handed to me during a meeting one night, I thought it would be a great idea to share it here, for anyone interested in the organisation to read;


It's an article by GMTV, on their website, that focuses on how being in Guides can, and has, helped many successful women in the UK achieve their goals. It maybe short, but it's informative and inspiring.

Also, more recently, this article on one of my favourite sites, The F-word, by Clare Burgess;


I found it particularly interesting to read, as it gave me an opportunity to see the honest reception of someone new to Guiding and whether or not they found it a positive influence on the girls. Although the writer does examine and bring to light some of the aspects that they were not completely convinced of, I think she also saw the many benefits the girls enjoy, just the same as I have, from an organisation that was made for women by women.


This Theatre Couple...

Okay. Question. Not linked with anything else I've written before, but here it is. I may not be an avid theatre goer but I have been enough times to notice something very odd. Almost every time I've gone, there's this couple, woman and a man, round about in their 60's, maybe 70's, and they're always dressed to the nines. He's there, in a fine tweed suit, hair usually combed or slicked back and a carnation in his button hole (which you have to admit, has a certain amount of class), and she's in a smart formal dress, matching blazer and, ordinarily, wears a string of pearls. And nearly every time, I've seen a couple who fit this description at the shows I've been to; The King and I, Cats, Blood Brothers - they were there. Even The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Honestly. This couple were two rows ahead of me, still in their smart, classy outfits, among the corsets and the fishnets. I kid you not.

I'm not criticising, far from it, I love seeing these two people when I go to the theatre. I'm just curious, has any one else noticed this couple too? Maybe they're hired by the theatres for shows, like elegant seat fillers... ...