Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Would you report your own rape?

Of course the answer should be yes, you want to pursue the justice you deserve... However, choose any random feminist blog (I always recommend The F word) and chances are you'll find statistics that show the rape conviction rate is on a heinously pathetic state, it is usually between 5 - 6%.

Not only that, but there's also the comparable Witch Trial that follows, not for the accused, for the victim.
Improper, uninvolved and almost suggestive questions about you, your sex life, previous relationships, even what you were wearing when the rape took place. All this just for possibility of maybe seeing your rapist convicted, and to me that is an inexcusable 'maybe'.

Taking this into consideration I genuinely ask anyone reading this; Would you report your own rape?

Because I don't believe I could.

Size zero and my Dad

A few weeks ago my dad raised an interesting point. The idea of size zero originally came from the world of the cat-walk model, with designers claiming that clothes look better on ultra thin models. This means that a model needs to diet and exercise to a dangerous extreme to increase their chances of landing a cat-walk modelling job. But doesn't that mean that these people who still design and make clothes intended for size zero models should be sued? Think on it for a moment, after all it is their choices that are forcing these models to put their health at risk for their job, surely that's some sort of infringement of Health and Safety laws?

Torchwood and the smoking ban

Idle thought, figured I'd throw it out there. If an employee of Torchwood Cardiff is a smoker and they fancy a cig between battling aliens and shagging the next thing that moves, do they have to go up and down that flipping lift every single time? Or do you reckon, cause they're above and beyond the law, there's some kind of Torchwood Smoking room?

Anyway, over to you Torchwood fans!