Monday, 10 November 2008

Just Another Pebble

Hello and welcome to 'Just Another Pebble'! My newest blog, you may (or more likely, may not) have read my previous blog 'Harder Hedda' which I will now be taking down for one reason alone... didn't like the title, never did really.'Harder Hedda' never really meant anything to me or my own personal politics, I was just stuck for a title and that popped into my head.

But what the title 'Just Another Pebble' means to me is the way I can sometimes feel as a woman in our society, just a little pebble on a beach somewhere, perhaps catching the attention of a passerby at some point, never serving a further purpose, and just as soon as I've used my usefulness up, I'll be plopped back on to that beach and forgotten about. A depressing thought but as Emilia (Othello) says; 'They are all but stomachs, and we all but food; To eat us hungerly, and when they are full, They belch us.' And that is how living in this patriarchal society can leave me feeling.

And that is why I blog to challenge not only the injustice we experience and see everyday but to challenge myself, and revise and develop my opinions on women's, feminist, racial, social matters and anything else I feel a need to write on.
I'll actually be re-posting from Harder Hedda on to here, just so I can look at and see how I (personally and politically) have changed, and add to that the issues I've been considering for awhile.

So, to anyone reading this, I hope you enjoy the posts that are to come, and I'll see you later!

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